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Oeuvres is another word for showpieces of a writer, author, artist, or musician. I have been telling or writing stories for some time. In 2022, Simon & Schuster flamed my fiction writing aspirations with a contest. That’s when I took one of my short stories and expanded it to novel length in the forty-five days leading up to the submission deadline.

I submitted it on time, but after the initial fifty-page read by an editor, I assume that it wound up in what the publishing biz calls the “slush pile.” Alas, my manuscript became a proverbial novel in the drawer (actually on my computer hard drive).

If you’ve read “About Me,” you know I worked as a writer, so I’m accustomed to deadlines and having an editor check my ego—like water off a duck’s back, nothing to whine about, just part of the biz.

Que sera, sera! I’ll write short stories.

Not having my manuscript accepted for publication didn’t dampen my spirit. I did what adults told my generation, “Buck up!” I had put off the notion of publishing fiction all my life. I didn’t have the overriding need to see my name in print because it appeared as a byline in nonfiction stories in newspapers, one or two magazines, and many newsletters. Writing fictional prose that readers enjoy is a satisfying endeavor for me. For now, I’ll write short stories. What else comes of it, Que sera, sera!

During my career as a journalist, technical writer, and copywriter, I acquired avocations and skills to enhance and expand how I communicate. These included graphic arts and photography. After college, I took graphic arts courses. I’m a self-taught photographer. I became an avid shutter-bug in the mid-1960s. Back then, I owned several SLR cameras. Today, I still occasionally use my DSLR camera, but I take most of my photos (hundreds of them) with my iPhone.

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