Mia Yearns for Adventure Outside Her Village

Ancient Forest image

Once upon a time, a young woman named Mia lived in a village at the edge of an ancient forest. Its bounty sustained life in the village. And even though Mia enjoyed its comforts, she felt restless and unfulfilled. She yearned for adventure and a life beyond the confines of her peaceful village.

One day while foraging in the forest, Mia stumbled upon an old, tattered map. It showed a trail that led deep into the woods and marked a spot only as “The Lost City.” It intrigued Mia. She had heard stories of such a city, of its riches and secrets, but no one in her village had ever been brave enough to venture there.

She knew that this was her chance. So she gathered her things and set out into the forest, following the Lost City trail on the map. The journey would be long and arduous, but undeterred, Mia set out. She faced many challenges along the way—wild beasts, rugged terrain, and iffy weather—but she persevered, driven only by her desire to reach the Lost City.

Mia Finds the Lost City

After many days of travel, she finally arrived at the Lost City, an ancient, sprawling metropolis with crumbling ruins. People believed lost treasures lay hidden in the city. She uncovered many secrets as she explored the city—hidden passageways, secret rooms, and ancient artifacts. But as she delved deeper into the city, Mia sensed she was not alone as eyes watched her every move.

Bandits had also discovered the Lost City. They plundered its riches. When she realized that, Mia knew that she had to stop them. How? She didn’t know because she had never been in a fight. Still, she’d find a way to protect the Lost City’s treasures.

Mia outfoxed the bandits. She watched them and their movements and gathered intelligence. She learned they had an influential leader, a ruthless woman named Ravenna, feared by her followers, but not Mia. She knew she had to confront Ravenna if Mia wanted to end the plundering.

She approached Ravenna’s stronghold, a forbidding fortress at the city’s heart. She knew she was taking a significant risk, but she was determined to stop the bandits and protect the treasures of the Lost City. So she entered the fortress and challenged Ravenna.

Mia Battles Ravenna

The two women faced off, tense and ready for battle. Mia knew she was outmatched because Ravenna was a skilled fighter. Yet Mia refused to back down. Instead, she drew her sword and prepared for the fight of her life.

The battle was long and grueling. Mia and Ravenna fought with all their strength, each determined to emerge victorious. But in the end, Ravenna made a fatal error that afforded an opening. Mia struck a death blow. With Ravenna defeated, the plundering of the Lost City ended.

Mia returned to her village a hero. Her bravery amazed the villagers, and her stories of the treasures she saw in the Lost City held them spellbound. She had achieved her dream of adventure and excitement but also learned something important about herself.

In time she became a legend in her village. She continued to explore the world, seeking out new adventures and challenges. But no matter where she went, she always remembered the lessons she had learned on her journey to the Lost City—that courage, determination, and willingness to take risks made adventure possible.

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Adam Surprises Black Bear While Hiking

Adam Faces Down Black Bear in the Wild

Yosemite National Park

Adam, a wildlife guardian, tightened the straps of his backpack and adjusted his hat, preparing for a day of adventure in Yosemite National Park. Because he was trained in wildlife sciences, the national and state parks hired him as a for-hire lecturer and trail guide. An experienced hiker and naturalist, Adam cherished the solitude and beauty of the parks. Today, he chose to hike a less-traveled trail in the park.

As Adam trekked into the forest, the morning sun cast dappled shadows through the dense woodland of trees. The scent of pine and birdsongs filled the air. He became lost in the natural serenity and marveled at what surrounded him.

The Massive Bear Glares at Adam

But the wilderness had a surprise for Adam. As he rounded a bend in the trail, he froze in his tracks, his heart pounding. A massive black bear stood in his path, a mere ten yards away. Its eyes stared menacingly at Adam.

Massive Black Bear glares at Adam, who must now keep the bear from attacking.

As his mind raced,  Adam remained calm and relied on his training. He had come prepared. The holster strapped to his belt held a canister of bear spray. He’d use it if the bear charged. Adam raised his arms slowly, trying to appear big. His heart thrummed in his ears. Sweat trickled down his forehead despite the cool morning air.

The bear huffed. Its breath was visible as vapor. It took a threatening step forward, testing the intruder’s resolve. Adam held his ground, determined not to show fear. He knew if he ran, it could provoke an attack.

Sensing Adam’s intent, the bear lowered its gaze and roared. It was his way of telling the intruder he had stumbled into the bear’s space. Adam realized that. His mind raced to decide what to do.

He recalled his training—defuse the situation. So he spoke softly, his voice steady. “Hey there, big guy. I’m just passing through. I mean you no harm.” He stepped backward, a signal to show he wasn’t a predatory threat to the bear.

To Adam’s relief, the bear reciprocated the move, slowly stepping backward. Even so, its muscles remained tense and ready to charge. Adam retreated further as he watched the bear, increasing the distance until the danger passed.

As Adam returned down the trail, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of respect and awe for the bear. Nature commanded both fear and admiration. He had witnessed the delicate balance between the two and felt grateful for the experience.

What is flash fiction?


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SMS Flash Fiction Life

Woman Texts Her M8!

Hey M8!
OMG, it’s been ages. MU! I’ve got TMI to spill! So, giving you the latest 411 in my life. It sounds like flash fiction.
I bumped into J yesterday. IURC, he’s from high school? Yeah, that J!;<) We ended up at the same party. It was a blast from the past, LOL! TIME! We reminisced. OMG, the memories flooded back! HCIT?
OMG, and speaking of the unexpected. UT got a new job! Yeah, I know. Pinch me, RN! I was so over my old gig. YKWIM. The new company is AH-MAZING! The workplace is LIT, and my coworkers are gucci. IYKWIM.
On my LDR, things have been up and down, TBH. Remember the guy I’ve been seeing? Well, we hit a brick wall. Too WTF moments, and it’s like living in a soap opera. We had our ups and downs before, but lately, it’s been more downs than ups. IDK if we can fix it. Maybe it’s time to let go. It’s such a BFD, and I’m torn about what to do. YWSYLS.
OMG, what about our travel plans? I know we’ve been DYING to go on a vacay! I’ve been saving my $$$, and I’m ready to jet-set with you, BFF! Let’s GTG somewhere exotic and just let loose. I’ve been eyeing a trip to Bali or maybe Ibiza. It’ll be EPIC! LMK your thoughts ASAP.
BTW, have you seen the latest season of G.O.T? OMFG, it’s been INTENSE! My jaw dropped like a million times. ICYMI, the plot twists are crazy. We NEED to catch up on the latest episodes and have a binge-watching session soon. Popcorn, PJs, and all the drama – count me in!
OMG, I need to wrap up this message. But before I go, remember you’re my ride-or-die! I can’t wait to catch up IRL. We need to set a coffee date or a hangout session soon. MU!
SMS has become the flash fiction of daily life. A woman text messages her M8!

What is Flash Fiction?

The word count in flash fiction falls within 2,000 words or less. Many would say 500 words or less. The average count for most is 1,500 words. Not limited to, here are additional sub-genres: sudden fiction, 750-word max; and micro-fiction, 100-word max
To acquire a sense and feel of flash fiction, here are 25 flash fiction stories. Flash fiction has a strong following:

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