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Woman Texts Her M8!

Hey M8!
OMG, it’s been ages. MU! I’ve got TMI to spill! So, giving you the latest 411 in my life. It sounds like flash fiction.
I bumped into J yesterday. IURC, he’s from high school? Yeah, that J!;<) We ended up at the same party. It was a blast from the past, LOL! TIME! We reminisced. OMG, the memories flooded back! HCIT?
OMG, and speaking of the unexpected. UT got a new job! Yeah, I know. Pinch me, RN! I was so over my old gig. YKWIM. The new company is AH-MAZING! The workplace is LIT, and my coworkers are gucci. IYKWIM.
On my LDR, things have been up and down, TBH. Remember the guy I’ve been seeing? Well, we hit a brick wall. Too WTF moments, and it’s like living in a soap opera. We had our ups and downs before, but lately, it’s been more downs than ups. IDK if we can fix it. Maybe it’s time to let go. It’s such a BFD, and I’m torn about what to do. YWSYLS.
OMG, what about our travel plans? I know we’ve been DYING to go on a vacay! I’ve been saving my $$$, and I’m ready to jet-set with you, BFF! Let’s GTG somewhere exotic and just let loose. I’ve been eyeing a trip to Bali or maybe Ibiza. It’ll be EPIC! LMK your thoughts ASAP.
BTW, have you seen the latest season of G.O.T? OMFG, it’s been INTENSE! My jaw dropped like a million times. ICYMI, the plot twists are crazy. We NEED to catch up on the latest episodes and have a binge-watching session soon. Popcorn, PJs, and all the drama – count me in!
OMG, I need to wrap up this message. But before I go, remember you’re my ride-or-die! I can’t wait to catch up IRL. We need to set a coffee date or a hangout session soon. MU!
SMS has become the flash fiction of daily life. A woman text messages her M8!

What is Flash Fiction?

The word count in flash fiction falls within 2,000 words or less. Many would say 500 words or less. The average count for most is 1,500 words. Not limited to, here are additional sub-genres: sudden fiction, 750-word max; and micro-fiction, 100-word max
To acquire a sense and feel of flash fiction, here are 25 flash fiction stories. Flash fiction has a strong following:

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